From Wirebot: Japan is lucky enough to be getting a 3DS XL that the USA hasn’t. And it’s not just any 3DS, it’s covered in none other than Mario’s little brother, Luigi. More »

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new single, “Invader Invader,” is set to release on May 15th. People might have already heard her addicting, electro-pop title track for this single on the ”g.u.‘ CM. More »

Sugiura Taiyo and Tsuji Nozomi has finally revealed the name of their third child, a newborn son who was born on March 21, on their blog. More »

Naka Riisa attended the fashion event ‘Zipper 20th LAFORET PARTY‘ on March 30th, making it her first appearance in public after her marriage announcement. More »

Morning Munsume’s PV for “Brainstorming” has been unveiled on YouTube and includes English subtitles for international fans. Their single will be officially released on April 17th. Check out the neat choreography in the upbeat PV below! More »

BoA and Kawamura Ryuichi will be singing the theme songs for the upcoming drama ‘Hakui No Namida‘ which will air starting April 1st. More »

From Ningin: If you’re a citizen of Japan who lacks some grub and decent hygiene, McDonalds is here for you. Any customer who visits the fast food restaurant, before 9 AM on four Mondays of April, will receive a free gift along with their purchase. More »

Hanae’s new music video for her new single “Boyz & Girlz” has finally been revealed. More »

From Omghaute: Neatoshop’s Hello Kitty glitter convertible clutch is made with durable patent leather with a glamorous polka dot and glitter design. More »

Atae Shinjiro
AAA’s Atae Shinjiro attended an event on March 30th at the Fukuya Bookstore - Shinjuku Subnade store to commemorate sales of his photobook “ATAE BEST.” The photobook consists of 20 different themes for pictures which were taken in Tokyo and Hawaii earlier this year. More »

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