Move over Kurosawa, there’s more Japanese cinema goodness to be had this month. Today kicks off Rekuru’s (and Ningin’s) Japanese Cinema Royale Special , an all week look at the many films, actors and actresses, and more from the land of the rising sun. Below, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve listed this week’s schedule of posts you can look forward to. So kick back, get comfortable, and prepare yourself because this week is going to kick some serious butt. I’m just saying.

If We Don’t Get Out Of Here, Everyone Will Die: Battle Royale
Insect Detective Yoshimi Yoshida Manga Gets a Live Adaptation
3 Reasons Why Takeshi Kaneshiro is One of the Best Japanese Actors Ever

Ozu The Sphinx: Late Spring
A Rekuru Review of The Machine Girl
Live-Action Space Battleship Yamato Hitting Theaters This December

Summer Timemachine Blues
A Rekuru Review of Be A Man! Samurai School
Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge Slices Its Way To A US DVD Release

A Rekuru Review of Great Yoaki War
5 FREE Movies You Need to Check Out on Hulu 

Plusle and Minun Reviews: Takeshi Kaneshiro Edition

Bran-new Lovesong: Last Life in the Universe 

Swing Girls 

A Rekuru Review of Sukiyaki Western Django

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Yay! Last Life in the Universe! I loved that movie and the music too. Heh. I had to mention this again (I posted a similar comment on the Ningin article).