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From Ningin: Boy what an intense weekend of flash gaming! Going into this I really didn’t think the teams were all that balanced. With only three total points separating the first and last team, it seems we have some real competition. WireMeis first getting a 24 out of a possible 36 points. Team Mixr Users is second trailing by just one point. BlitzKuTek is not far behind, trailing by 2 points. Ningin, the once dominant team heading into this tournament, is surprisingly last trailing WireMe by 3. Let’s get to the breakdowns: More »

Wait, wasn’t it just Sunday? Well, it’s Sunday once more so it’s time for another installment of The Weekly Bento. This past week saw the nearing conclusion of Rekuru’s Akira Kurosawa Tribute Month, so if you haven’t been checking out the plethora of posts on the famed director’s work, do so now. In addition, there were plenty of other posts this past week such as the next installment in Jacob’s popular Japanese travel guide series, news of a new Inuyasha compilation album soon to be released, two Playstation 2 game reviews in celebration of the PS2’s 10 year anniversary, and even an interesting look at the growing trend of people sleeping in the streets of Japan. All fascinating stuff, check it out. More »

Inuyasha (or Inu Yasha) fans should find this exciting: on March 24th of 2010, a special CD set is planned for release. It will include all theme songs from the anime, which I believe does not exclude the line of movies put in theaters from 2001 to 2004.

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From Girlybubble: When parents upload videos of their children online, sometimes it is cute, while other times it is not. In those cases where it is not cute, a child looks lost and awkward while obviously being directed by his parents off camera. But those other times when it is cute, the child is a ham for the camera and comes off with a certain charm about him. The five year old Japanese boy with a ukulele falls under the category of the latter. His videos have been making their rounds on the internet since late last year, and he has garnered a small cult following. That is not surprising find out. Whenever I watch his videos, I have a huge smile on my face. More »

So up until now, I’ve been writing about Akira Kurosawa films I had already seen; only now have I taken advantage of the riches of the Film Forum going on now in New York and seen for the first time Kurosawa’s High and Low (1963). I do encourage everyone living in striking distance of New York to get out and attend this thing; it’s a great opportunity. As for High and Low itself, I strongly recommend it–perhaps not on a level with Rashomon and Ran, but at the same time, it presents a side of Kurosawa you don’t get from his best known films. More »

From Ningin: Mixr League Gaming fans, welcome to today’s MLG Season I, Round I report. Close to being half-way through, there’s nothing but excitement for the 4 teams involved! More »

From Ningin: Ningin and Japanese entertainment site,, has positions open for mid-level staff writers! Staff writer positions are for individuals who are fans of Asian pop culture, enjoy the aspect of community and are looking to broaden their horizons in writing. A staff writer position requires: More »

It’s hard to believe that Colonel Sanders has been present in Japan for 40 years now, but that’s exactly how long it’s been. To celebrate, KFC has not only appointed an ambassador for the occasion, but will be running some food specials as well.

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From Girlybubble: Or at least marry in it. Yes, the adorable Hello Kitty has been spotted not only on toilet seats and on people’s nails - she is a notorious wedding crasher. More »

Anime You Should See Before You Die returns today with an Akira Kurosawa inspired anime recommendation. Released in 2004, Gonzo’s Samurai 7 is a loose retelling of Kurosawa’s classic Seven Samurai, complete with swords, lords, and…mecha? Yes, this isn’t your dad’s 1954 Seven Samurai. Taking a more steampunk direction, Samurai 7 features everything from flying castles/airships, to steam-powered doodads, to the afore mentioned giant mecha. But the big question of course is, is the series any good? More »