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From Ningin: The 2 hours I spent watching Gurren Lagann Movie Lagann-Hen were the best 2 hours of my life. The wait for the DVDs to come out was worth it. If anything, it made the movie even better. While the movie wouldn’t be too spectacular if I watched it right after the series. Revisiting it a few years later was a good reminder on why Gurren Lagann was so good. It’s not just a simple re-hash either. More »

From Ningin: I know many of you have some very interesting… ideas on what Japanese school life is like. I can assure you that it’s far more dull than your brains have made it out to be. For example, here is a bit of dry history on what Japanese children eat at school each day in Hiroshima. More »

From Wirebot:

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is the best RPG for Nintendo Wii. Yeah, I realize the game actually came out first for the SNES in 1996 — so that probably says something very sad for Nintendo’s motion-controlled console. More »

From Ziggytek: From Akazawa, PLEN is a 9″ robot that is powered by a 33 MHz ARM7 processor and can be controlled by Bluetooth from your computer or Android smartphone. If you have $2999.99, then you can import this “Desktop Hobby” droid from Japan. More »

What do you do when you’re unable to hear a fire alarm when sleeping? Get one to spray you with wasabi.

Japanese people invent the best stuff. This fire alarm is for the deaf or hard of hearing. It more or less works exactly like a traditional fire alarm, except that it sprays wasabi up to 50 feet away (which is about 30 more feet than the average Japanese home needs). It’s now on sale for $560. More »

From Ningin: I know many of you already do, but this February, we want more people to fall in love with us. Why wouldn’t you love us? We make you happy, we make you laugh, we’re always here for you, and most importantly we get you expensive gifts. We also like long walks on the beach and the Avatar movie. So we really want to make this February - especially this Valentine’s day - special for you so that you’ll always remember and cherish it. Life is so short. Let’s make the most of it together! More »

From Wirebot:

If you have been following my impressions you already know how infatuated I am with Platinum Games newest IP, Bayonetta. As a rabid fan with an insatiable thirst for more sassy English witches with tons of guns I have came up with some spin-off and merchandise ideas that would keep me happy until the second installment gets announced. More »

Dear Community,

It is with some regret I must announce that, due to other obligations, I have to step down as a Rekuru blogger. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, and if even one of you enjoyed one of my articles, I consider it time well spent; I think this is a cool site and I’m proud of my fellow bloggers. But since my defining trait is to be unable to stop talking (or, that is, writing) I’ll leave you with a few thoughts. More »

From Ningin: In war, it’s often the victors that gets to write the narrative. Since I was captain of the Mixr Users team, history is how I see it. What I saw was…total domination by Mixr Users!! From the beginning, it never seemed like Mixr Bloggers had much of a chance, but people expected a much closer battle instead of the 7-2 final outcome. One of those points on the Mixr Blogger team, by the way, came from a Mixr User not playing. Let’s get to the breakdowns: More »

Since 2010 marks Akira Kurosawa’s centennial (100th birthday), we should be reminded of the things this man saw and endured during his lifetime which played a role in his filmmaking. The notorious atom bombs being the top of the list and, as such, a reoccurring theme throughout his career. Rhapsody In August is just such an example of the effect this horrific event had on the lives of the people who suffered through it. It seems only fitting that my final Kurosawa review will be of a later piece in his career. More »

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