Yes, the Japanese festival that everyone gets up early for, the Japanese Penis Festival. Actually fertility festival. But no matter how you slice it, it’s a festival filled with massive wooden carvings of penises for you to get your photo taken next to. If you didn’t think it actually existed, here is the photographic proof.

Now before someone comments about the Japanese worshiping the festival, lets get one thing straight. It’s a fertility festival. It’s relationship to Japanese Shinto religion has more to do with worship and praise of nature than it does to do with worshiping penises. During this festival husbands and wives come to local shrine to ask for help or guidance in having a child.

If the penises are too much for you, you can always travel to other Japanese shines that feature female body parts. My personal favorite was a Breast shrine. Mostly because I like breasts.

Via Gakuranman

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that giant wooden penis is so disturbing, haha

Wth!? This is too weird, even if it is a fertility festival. Is the jumbo wooden carved penises necessary? Hmm, I wanna go and check this out. :)

um wow, i know quite a few people that would love to go to one of these festivals

I totally just used this in my speech today for crazy festivals!!! People thought it was hilarious/awesome!

my brother has gone to a penis festival in Japan twice. I am kinda jealous :D

Does anyone find it appalling that children are invited to this event and are rubbing them so innocently?