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From Wirebot: Although there are some vague guidelines as to what constitutes a good game, the definition of one may vary from place to place. Video game preference, like any other aspect of life, is a cultural construction. has recently revealed that the current top selling games in Japan are Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Yakuza 4. More »

From Girlybubble: What is sexier than being a 25-year old who uses a kawaii baby chick-shaped body wash mitten? Nothing. Body wash mittens have always been intriguing to me, but I never had the chance to pick one up until I saw that YesStyle was carrying these super cute Kokubo body wash mittens from Japan in different animal shapes — baby chick, seal and turtle. After giving the body wash mitten a try, I’m wondering where the kawaii body wash mitten has been my whole life. More »

From Crazysinglelife: According to Satoshi Kanazawa, evolutionary psychologist for the London School of Economics, there is a proven mathematical theorem for why dating (and finding a job) in a large urban area is difficult and frustrating. Those currently single in large cities need not PhD to validate this theorem, but it’s interesting how Kanazawa explains the dating-in-a-big-city conundrum in this video:

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From Wirebot:

Ads all over the Internet are talking about the Black and White Starter Pokemon leak on April 15th, over a year before the game is set to release. Whether or not this is just a trap to get people to sign up for their illegal file sharing service, it is still really interesting. I know on April 15th I am going to be scouring the net trying to find them. Not that I would download them….no… I would that. More »

From Ningin: Ever felt like hugging a fellow Ninginer but couldn’t because of the physical contact restriction of the Internet? Well that might change in the near future. Japanese scientists were able to create a robotic device that simulates many human sensations such as heart beats, hugging, stomach butterflies and spine tingles to the wearer. More »

From Wirebot:

In a series of tweets it looks like Hideo Kojima’s next project will in fact be Zone of Enders 3. Make the jump for the full details and tweets in their entirety. More »

From Ningin: A team of scientists from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology has developed a power enhancing suit reminiscent of Ironman and Robocop. More »

From Ningin: On the red carpet at a recent opening of the Broadway musical The Addams Family, Hugh Jackman informed us that Wolverine 2 will be shot in Japan. More »

From Ningin: Arashi is set to release their new single, “Monster,” on May 19, and we (Arashi fangirls and boys) are anxiously waiting its release. Luckily, the preview for it has been put on Youtube, and we rejoice. The new single is going to be the theme song for Riida’s (Leader Ohno Satoshi) new drama, Kaibutsu-kun, based on the anime. I am super excited for both and just may have possibly pre-ordered a copy, who knows. More »

From Ningin: It’s been revealed that after the release and promotions of her new Chinese album on April 16th, Tibetan singer alan will be releasing a Japanese single on July 7th. The single will be entitled 風に向かう花, which roughly translates to Flower in the Wind. More »