KAT-TUN has released the music video for their new single, “Going,” which is “going” to be the theme song for Kazuya Kamenashi’s new sports job. Jin Akanishi is absent in this single due to the fact that he is in L.A. This song and music video are both more upbeat and dance oriented than their other songs which are more of a rock sound. I personally like KT-TUN better than KAT-TUN because Akanishi has just been super moody, and I think he is better suited solo anyway. He doesn’t really get along with the other members other than Yuichi Nakamaru anyways. Also, I like that now all the members are singing not just Kame and Akanishi. So check out the music video and tell me what you think!!

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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idk i still kinda like Jin. I so wanted to see his concert! but idk. this PV is awesomeness!

I do like Jin, but lately he’s been kind of a prick I think. I love him when he’s funny or randomly does stuff that’s hilarious. I think it’s the hair and hats that make me mad. :O I love him Rescue and before. :D

Again with the auto-tune. They’re better without it. Am I the only that still likes Jin? Though I do admit that I kinda like KAT-TUN without him. I like 5 member band groups. I dunno why. And Jin does seem better off going solo. Kizuninha, you’re so right. This is so a Johnny’s style PV. <3

Ohh KAT-TUN new single!! *_* Ahh~~
I used to like Akanishi Jin before he had gone to America ~~~When he had back I thought he was really different >.<
Then I started to like Kamenashi more than Jin xDDD~~
I like this song~~~Johnny’s style pv xDD

Agreeeed! Everyone says Jin is hoot but I don’t think he’s good looking at all >.< The others are also underated too =3= this is all good kekeke