After a long wait, Kaibutsu-kun episode 2 was finally released. In this episode, it focused on the greed of money in order to restore Demokin’s life force. In this episode like Hiroshi in the first one, Utako gets consumed by the greed of money. Since she is supporting her younger brother (I don’t know what happened to their parents), she works part time jobs. She ends up getting in lots of trouble because of it, and Kaibutsu and his friends have to save her. Meanwhile, Kaibutsu and the others learn about money and that you have to work to get it. Of course, Kaibutsu is just too adorable throughout the episode! Who knows what episode 3 will bring us!!?? Stay tuned for the next recap!!

Disclaimer: In order to get the full effect of the drama, I recommend watching it for yourself as well. There may be hidden things or little gestures that hint at things. :D If you don’t know where to find episodes, feel free to ask me!

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the ears crack me up everytime i see it XD

Ohno’s so funny and cuute in this drama ^^ Whoohoo for eng subs ^___^