Okay, my brain is about to explode. I’m going to write about each character because I can’t begin to write everything in order since not even my brain can handle it!
Spoiler Alert!

Here’s what happened in Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 3: Peach is preggers, which we all knew from the previous episodes. She wasn’t in this one too much. Doctor is totally smitten with Haru. He also got praised at work, which is a change from the bullying, because Linda got his dad to buy some supplies from his company. Linda almost did it with his nasty boss, but he couldn’t get it up. He then gets treated like crap because of it. The doctor (real one) said that it is ED (erectile dysfunction). I personally think it is because he is gay and so wants Nakaji. Haru met with Nakaji’s lady friend, and his friend when crazy on her. Kiriko, his friend, cut herself with a glass shard and blamed it on Haru. Nakaji is mad, and they get in a fight. Nakaji’s dad and Haru’s mom got it on. Haru’s mom says something about Haru being 24, and he gets this odd face. Haru’s brother is back on drugs. Her drug dealing student is super creepy. Doctor, after Nakaji and Haru’s fight, is waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers. (I swear having Jaejoong play that part is just the icing on the cake about how adorable he is!!) Haru hugs him while Nakaji is deleting her picture from his camera.

Sidenotes/predictions/comments: Jaejoong is super pretty/adorable/all kinds of awesome, and the interactions with his little sister make me want to be her, but not really. I think Nakaji and Haru are related. I also think that Nakaji’s dad is dying. Also, I believe that Linda will sleep with someone just to prove he isn’t gay. Something is going to happen with Haru’s brother or drug dealing student. Have I said that this drama has the best soundtrack and could just be seen just for the music?

Disclaimer: Watch the episode to get the full effect/story. I leave out side glances or hints foreshadowing the future. :D

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oh sounds interesting. i found another drama to start watching!

Sorry I just skipped your recap XD coz I’m definitely gonna watch it soon!!! Jaejooong .<