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From Ningin: Hey, all you North American Beyblade fans! You’re in luck, because the new series, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, is coming to the United States this summer! More »

From Ningin: Since its release on March 4, Oricon reports that the 57th volume of the popular manga series One Piece has sold 2.282 million copies as of last week. Not only are the sales extremely impressive but it also means that this volume of One Piece is the number-one selling book since Oricon began recording sales in 2008. More »

From Girlybubble: I know what you mean, more cupcakes?! Well, you can never get tired of cupcakes! Especially if they’re this kawaii: More »

From Ningin: Earlier today, a preview of DBSK member Yoochun’s debut drama, Beautiful Love, was released. In this drama, he plays a Korean Chaebol scion, which is essentially a rich businessman, who falls in love with a magazine writer who aspires to become a novelist, played by co-star Aya Oomasa. More »

From Ningin: The next Gundam anime, titled Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G, will be about gunpla (the practice of building Gundam models) instead of the actual fighting mechas. More »

From Ningin: In this world full of hatred, there’s nothing worse than the tension between the cats and the bottle caps. In Japan, two dreadful fights between these two groups were caught on the following videos. Be warned: Cuteness ahead. More »

Arashi teased us a real long time ago, and then they released the short version, and finally the full version is out for “Monster.” When I first saw the short version, I thought it was going to be just like “Truth,” but it’s not! It’s kind of trippy actually. More »

From Ningin: Prime minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyama, has been under a lot of pressure lately. His approval rating, which now stands at an embarrassing 24%, is now at an all time low. Keith Henry, a government affairs expert, says that, “As a politician, you want to have the focus on policy and your agenda. I think the press and the Japanese people have lost patience with him; patience to the extent that they’re no longer paying attention to his policy proposals because no one has faith in his ability to implement them.More »

From Ningin: Don’t you think that the Gundam franchise has too much testosterone thrown around and needs a touch of a woman? Well, someone thought so and made these feminine Gundam figures full of pink and sparkly goodness. More »

As part of our Memorable May with Rekuru giveaway special, we’re giving away one Hayao Miyazaki DVD a week. This week we’re giving away Castle in the Sky. Entering to win is simple: More »