The New York Times recently came out with their list of Top 10 Best Selling Manga of the week (ending June 26), check it out!

1. Naruto, Vol. 48
2. Vampire Knight, Vol. 10
3. Soul Eater, Vol. 3
4. Bleach, Vol. 31
5. Fairy Tail, Vol. 11
6. Hellsing, Vol. 10
7. Black Butler, Vol. 2
8. Ninja Girls, Vol. 3
9. Yu-Gi-Oh! R, Vol. 5
10. Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 3

It’s no surprise that Naruto took first place yet again on a chart, but what surprised me was that it was separated from usually runner-up Bleach by Vampire Knight and Soul Eater. But I personally enjoy reading Vampire Knight, so I give it two thumbs up for being second. However, what’s saddening is that after 3 months of not reading manga, I only recognize half of these titles on the best-seller list.

How many mangas do you recognize? Which do you recommend?


(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Oh man, I need to catch up on my manga! The only one I’ve read up to date is Vampire Knight. I love the art work for that one. But the main character gets annoying sometimes with her reasoning. I’m still trying to catch up on Naruto. Last time I remember, I was in the 60s chapters. Just 440 chapters more to go and I should be updated. :\

oh! i dun know any on them but the boy looks pretty good

I recognize only 3 of them LOL! :$$
Naruto is always so popular^^

i have only read vampire knight ^^

I’ve heard that Vampire Knight is really good, but I’m sooooo way behind when it comes to mangas and anime.
Last thing I read was mmmm I can’t remember xD

haha expected ^^
I recognize almost all of them but have no clue what they are about lol
just the names :]

I am not surprised that Naruto got the top spot…
I’ve never read Vampire Knight before, but I remember my friend telling me how good it is,..Yu-Gi-Oh! is still popular? wow I remember playing the card games in middle school XD
I like Bleach a lot!!!