On July 7, Hey!Say!JUMP released their first studio album, suitably named Jump No. 1. To no one’s surprise, all of their five singles have jumped (pun intended) to number one on Oricon’s weekly single rating. Furthermore, Jump No. 1 has been holding first place on Oricon’s daily album ranking since its date of release (a sizable feat).

The amazing five singles? Check them all below:

Ultra Music Power

Dreams Come True

Your Seed

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

Hitomi No Seed

All I can say is these guys are on FIRE! (Insert pun about jumping)


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Their songs are not good at all~~ I do think Johnny Kitagawa did wrong to join hey say 7 with Yah Yah Yah… ¬¬ I am still frustated about it… =/
It could be better~~ haha~~ Anyway~~ anything from Johnnys will get the first spooot xD

Wow that’s amazing to become #1 on the Oricon chart .____.

congrats , i love their songs :)

waaaaa.. i miss HSJ! they were my first bias when i got into jpop.
love their songs <3
congrats !!

their songs are good ^^

congrats !
i’m really happy for them <3

well dang go HSJ ^^

Ohh that’s great! Hope they keep up the good work!

WOwo!~ Nice! No.1 on Oricon!! Congrats!~ ^.^

they did a great job..congrats;)

i think i’ve heard of them before, but have never actually listened to their songs. they’re really good! :D

i mostly only know Yamada from his dramas ^^
but awwww their songs are really nice too :D congrats to their #1

I don’t listen to their songs, but wow they are more popular than I thought…
congrats!!!! you guys deserve this number 1 ^^