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Looks like 2010 just saw one of the biggest snowfalls in a while. Almost all the trains and buses are delayed here in New York. But in Japan, there was a truck that flipped over, a truck. Imagine how much problem that can cause. This resulted in the highway in the Fukushima prefecture to be blocked. All those cars waiting in the snow for the truck to be cleared away - and on Christmas night too! I hope they all kept the heat on. Wind and snow is a scary combo. More »

One of the most famous groups in Japan, AKB48 will yes, take control the NHK’s annual music show, “Kohaku Uta Gassen”. They will be appearing not just once, twice but twelve times throughout the event. More »

Pop singer ICONIQ surprised her fans with two things through her official site. First, people immediately drew attention to the new hairstyle she got that draws focus to her beautiful features. Second, she unveiled the preview for her new song, “I will love”. There is no further details about track other than the title however, you can check the 45-second preview here. More »

Singer-songwriter Ayumi Hamasaki is surely enjoying the sweet success of her newest album, “Love Songs” and now, it seems that she is getting more and more good things. Ayumi Hamasaki was chosen to sing the theme song for PS3 game, “Tales of Xillia“! More »

On Waratte Iitomo’s End of the Year Special, the regular cast took on popular songs and “battled” each other. Daigo and Chihara Junior took on Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” outfits and all. This is freaking hilarious. I also wanna say that Daigo could seriously pass for a girl/model anyday. Seriously, how can he pull of that outfit!? Chihara definitely looks more manly than Daigo and kind of just looks awkward. Somehow Daigo manages to work it. Check out the fierceness below. More »

I consider Ayumi Hamasaki the Queen of JPOP. While I have never really listened to her music, I have to admit that she sells like no other. She will become the first artist in Japan to have 13 consecutive years of Number 1 albums after Oricon Album Rankings announced that her new album, “Love Songs,” is set to hit the top on January 3rd. This will be her 17th No. 1 album total since she debuted her first album in 1999. Naoya Urata’s single “Dream On,” which featured Ayumi, is also set to hit No. 1 on the singles charts on the same day. Thus she will be the first album and single No. 1 since Arashi managaed the same in 2007. It has been nine years since she has done this. Congrats to this amazing artist and wishing her more years like this in the future! More »

From Girlybubble: Who would have thought that when combining Hello Kitty and an octopus, you would get this amazing looking chandelier? well Adam Wallacavage sure did as he is the designer of this $14,000 Chandelier. More »

We’ve seen it all — from vending machines that dispense bananas to vending machines that give you live crabs. But can they beat this one? This one actually grows lettuce (up to 20000 heads) without the presence of sunlight! This can be fit snugly in any restaurant and is capable of producing 60 heads per day. More »

I love spaghetti as much as the next person…I just wish it weren’t so hard to eat sometimes! It seems like Japan has recognized the incredibly pressing problem of the difficulty factor that is associated with eating spaghetti (I find it difficult, shush) and has come up with something called a “Calamete” fork, which is designed to prevent for spaghetti and long-noodles from sliding off forks. More »

It’s an iPhone cookie that costs $33 dollars. Yeah, that’s one really expensive cookie. But look at it, doesn’t it look delicious? More »

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