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From Wirebot: From the title, you know when, where, what, and why–here’s a recap: On March 5, at the Nintendo World Store, there will be a mindblowingly amazing party on order to celebrate the close-approaching launch of Pokémon Black and White. Now, who’s ready for some details? More »

April 27’s a long way off–thank goodness we don’t have to wait until that far-off release date to listen to Mika Nakashima’s upcoming single, “Dear.” The song was recently broadcasted on a radio program and is now available for listening as a radio rip. Enjoy! More »

PENICILLIN just announced a few days ago that they would be releasing their first indie album, “WILL,” on March 2, but the visual kei band has already followed up the announcement with the unveiling of the PV for their title track. Boy do these guys move fast! More »

In Japan the number of children who are falling victim to child pornography producers rose a shocking 52.6% in 2010, to 618. That is the highest figure since the Japanese National Police Agency started collecting the data. More »

9Nine’s PV for “SHINING☆STAR” has hit the net! Fans of the “STAR DRIVER Kagayaki no Takuto” might also be especially interested in checking it out, seeing as the song functions as the anime’s theme song. Take a look (unless you want to wait all the way until March 9 for the single’s official release)! More »

Koda Kumi might be the embodiment of a fierce “pop diva,” but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a soft spot for nice, good-looking men. Poor Koda’s been bitten by the love-bug in her recently released “Bambi” PV and she is utterly adorable. Take a look at the diva’s softer side in the video! More »

Drugs are bad, kids. Don’t do them! But MowMow Lulu Gyaban’s newly released PV for “Hello!! Mr. Coke-High” is a totally different story. You have my full permission to watch that. Warning: Contents may be addictive. (In a good way). More »

The very first robot marathon was started in Osaka, Japan on February 24. This four day long event will consist of a group of knee-high androids traveling a total of 423 laps around an indoor track. The rules have stated that a change of batteries and motors are allowed. However, bot operators may not pick up their robot if they fall over, the droids must get up themselves. More »

A PV preview for AKB48 sub-unit Not Yet’s “Shumatsu Not Yet” was revealed a few days ago through a TV broadcast, but…I’m happy to announce that you no longer have to listen to announcers talking over a mere snippet of the video, as the full PV was recently unveiled. Check it out! More »

From Wirebot: Listen up, gamers! The release of Pokemon Black and White is coming up soon, and Amazon has decided to give out $10 worth of promotional credit for those who pre-order either version. And if you plan to order both versions, for some reason, you will get $20. For those who have already pre-ordered on Amazon, they will also receive the bonus. Kindle books, MP3s, and video rentals/downloads are excluded, but everything else qualifies for with the $10. More »