Surprising? The biggest organized crime networks, the “yakuza,” known for making money from extortion, gambling, etc. is actually one of the biggest supporters sending supplies to Japan. One of the scariest networks in Japan is actually doing all it can to help with the Japan relief efforts. It’s really nice to see that everyone is coming together to help Japan during this time.

Some people think that they are appealing to construction companies and hoping to gain contracts for rebuilding buildings that were destroyed in the earthquakes. Others say otherwise, but either way, this is really nice to see! They aren’t really that scary after all, right?


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really? that’s great! hope japan things can get well soon

Even though they are some what criminals, I find it good that they are also kind hearted. Thank you so much for sharing!

they commit crimes but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a kind heart.. so nice of them to be doing this to help out japan.

i dont really find this surprising. after all, they’re japanese and it’s their country that they’re talking about. 

Wooow that’s great!
Thanks for sharing!

the crime gangs actually do lots of charity work because they are afraid of Karma..they want to do something good to repay their sins

woow.. thats pretty awesome!
thanks for sharing ^^

OH!! super nice of them, i think the earthquake in japan is very sad but it brought surprises especially this one, yakuza’a are japanese too, its natural that they help their brethren. and theyre still human so generally they still have a heart even with all the crimes.. smile

oh wow :O lol for a mafia they sure care about their nation <3 lol thanks for sharing

even they’re like mafias...yakuzas are ALL about backing each other up, and helping friends/brothers in times of need

i’m not surprised at all!!! mb i need a scary acquaintance with the yakuza before i all ok about them hahahah

VLeenSasta - 03/28/11 8:41 pm

I have read this news before.. yeah better help each other in the disaster situation like that smile

Haha, agreed. :D

I have read this news before.. yeah better help each other in the disaster situation like that smile

OMG!! that awesome!! thx for sharing

This is at least something very good that they are doing even if they usually do not so noble things (:

Any help is good, doesn’t matter from who. (:

Wow, that’s so awesome. I mean, yes, they’re known for being scary but they also have a soft side to them! Who knew? :3

At least a good thing from bad guys.
Thanks for sharing.~

Well they do need the country to be back in shape to continue their businesses. Thanks for sharing.