Who likes to play the card game UNO? Plus, for all those who love anime and manga, especially “One Piece,” this might be a collectible for you! Besides staring at the manga artist Eiichiro Oda’s original artwork, you can put these cards to use. The first edition of One Piece UNO was released back in 2003, but did you know it will reissued?

Company Bandai is joining forces with Mattel to reissue the “One Piece” edition of UNO on July 7th this year. The deck will cost 1,260-yen (around US$15.70) and feature all original art from the pirate anime. Here is how it will work: the number cards are illustrated with memorable characters from Luffy’s adventures. The rest, Reverse, Skip, Wild, Draw 4, etc. will include characters such as Law, Kidd, and Blackbeard.

That’s not all! UNO One Piece has two very special cards. The Fire Fist Ace card doubles the effect of other cards and the Hancock card turns another player into stone for one round. Umm, that sounds a lot like skip to me but I guess that’s more creative? When a player only has one card remaining in his hand, he must say “I’m gonna be the Pirate King!” More exciting than a “Uno,” I must say.

Here is the 2003 first edition:

Cards with anime characters on them…want! Anyone interested in these “One Piece” goodies?