Well, AKB48 has done it again! For the week of September 5th ~ 11th, the AKB48 girls snatched a three spots on the Oricon Weekly Karaoke Ranking with “Heavy Rotation“, “Flying Get“, and “Everyday Kachuusha“.

This is the first time ever in the Oricon Weekly Karaoke ranking that same artist landed on the first three spots. Back in 1996, Sharan Q set the precedent when they became the first group to get the 1st and 2nd with songs, with “Zurui Onna” and “My Babe Kimi ga Nemuru made“.

Furthermore, they already beat ORANGE RANGE’s 42-consecutive weeks record of being #1 on the Oricon Weekly Karaoke Ranking with “Hana” as they have been consecutively #1 for 47 weeks already with “Heavy Rotation”.

Congratulations girls!