Pumpkins, black cats, witches, oh my! Halloween is a time where those netherworldly beings emerge from their black homes to celebrate on a night made specifically for them. And there are quite a few witches portrayed in anime! Let’s check out who they are!

Akazukin Chacha’s Chacha
Chaha is a little witch/magician girl who is clumsy and mistakes her homonyms. But despite this, she is pure-hearted and does her best to improve. Just dangle her in some trouble and she’ll able to chant the proper spells!

Rental Magica’s Honami Ambler
Honami Ambler is an expert on Witchcraft and Celtic magic - she tutors Itsuki in the ways of magic. She is afraid of technology and keeps her room in a mess and her powers are pretty much derived from the moon - a full moon gives her much power, a crescent moon leaves her powerless.

Kiki’s Delivery Service’s Kiki
Kiki! A young witch who leaves the town she was born and raised in to find her own town to settle in and use her powers to help out the townspeople. She’s always accompanied by Jiji. She loves to help out and decides to use her powers of flying to open up a delivery service.

Magic User’s Club
The story revolves around the 5 magicians/witches in the club (and basically everyone is a witch/magician here). They use their powers whenever possible to help out those around and must deal with magic in their daily lives.

Puella Magi Kazumi Magica’s Kazumi
Kazumi has magical powers, but has no memories of anything besides her name. Slowly, but surely, as she uses her powers to help out her friends, she begins to recover her memories. When she transforms, she dons a witch outfit complete with a witch’s hat.

Sugar Sugar Rune
Sugar Sugar Rune follows the stories of two young witches, Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux, who are also best friends. They embark on a contest to see who can capture the most hearts of human boys. This contest actually is to see who will become the new queen of their world.

Tweeny Witches
This anime follows Arusu, who somehow finds herself in the witches’ world. She loves witchcraft, but doesn’t like the ways of the witches that she discovers. Preaching that magic should only be used to help people, she is known as a troublemaker when she releases all the sprites used for magic spells.

Rosario+ Vampire’s Yukari Sendo
Yukari Sendo is not only the smartest student at Yokai Academy (Demon Academy), but she is also the youngest. As a witch, she is seen in her witch outfit and is the brunt of people’s endless teasing. She may be smart, but she can also be childish, pulling pranks on people she dislikes. With her heart-shaped wand, she can use spells.

Seems like there are quite a few witches here, eh? Which one was your favorite witch?

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Where’s Hecate from Shakugan no Shana!?!?!?!??!?

kekeke forgot blair from souleater!

Nice article! Love Akazukin Cha cha! XD Thanks for sharing! 

ow i love witches in anime!!

Awww this list is perfect since it mentions Kiki in it

not an Anime fan , guess i should check them
thanks for sharing^^

I love Kiki and Yukari :D

So cute for witches :D

Haven’t seen any of these! Should check these out!
thanks for sahring^^

Personally love the Magic User’s Club smile