Ikimonogakari has received the honor of singing the theme song, “Aruiteikou” for upcoming drama, ‘Runaway~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni’.

“Aruiteikou” is a medium ballad composed by Mizuno Yoshiki (Guitar/Vocalist for Ikimonogakari), and will be up for release on October 23d.

The drama’s plot is centered on 4 young men whom attempt to escape from prison - each with their own individual reason. On their journey from Kitakyushuu to Tokyo, the 4 face problems which results in revolting against society’s decision to put them in prison. Along with Ichihara(The lead role), Tsukamoto Takashi, KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya, Suda Masaki and Fukuda Saki will also be vital characters to the plot.

Alongside their announcement of the the drama OST, Ikimonogakari reported that they will be releasing their newest concert live DVD “Ikimono Matsuri 2011 Donata Summer mo Tanoshimima Show!!! ~Yokohama Stadium~” on December 14th. The DVD will include footage from their Yokohama Stadium live earlier this year.

The drama’s first episode is supposed to air on October 27th, so make sure to tune in to watch it!