A cafe dedicated to idol training! That definitely earns a place on the “Unique” list! Music producer Tsunku will be opening an idol training cafe called “AKIHABARA Backstage Pass” this November. Its purpose? Read more to find out!

To train idols of course! The cafe’s location will be placed in “AKIBA Culture ZONE” in Akihabara, which is roughly a 3-minute walk from the “AKB Theater“.

It’s been announced that the concept of the cafe will be of girls who aspire to become idols and singers. The purpose of having a cafe theme, is that by interacting with the customers, the girls will mature into full-fledged idols. The scenario has been claimed to be a ‘realistic idol raising simulation’, where the customers are the ‘producers’. This definitely is a very unique idea, and already seems to be a target of success.

“AKIHABARA Backstage Pass” is scheduled to present a grand opening late November, with an official website launching this month!

I think the idol training cafe will actually really help the girls blossom to become strong idols from all the problems that must arise with the customers, and will teach the girls how to deal with similar scenarios as an idol. This also gives fans a chance to be served by aspiring idols! What do you guys have to say about this concept?