Kansai Johnny’s Jr. mood-maker Kiriyama Akito looks forward to playing the gay role in the upcoming theater production “Beautiful Sunday.”

This same role was played by V6’s Miyake Ken in the TV version of the play, so Kiriyama will have something to live up to. Being his first stage play, with the exception of Johnny’s, Kiriyama is excited to be going out on his own, “I hate to lose, so I want this work to be even better than Miyake-san’s.

Continuing to comment on his new role, Kiriyama says, “I’m not opposed to it, but how do I study it? I want to act real enough to make even gays [in the audience] say, ‘Isn’t that boy real?’

The play will be shown at Osaka’s Theater BRAVA! on March 10th-11th, 2012. I’m really admiring his open-minded personality and dedication, so I hope he does well.