Manga is Japanese word which means cartoons or comics. Mangas are very well known in Japan mainly because of the good story plots and drawings. Sometimes its what producers and directors get for their anime and drama series. So below are some of the must read mangas I have chosen.

1. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a famous manga released a few years, however, despite these past years this manga has is still loved by many. It’s basically a story about an orphaned girl named Tohru Honda, who gets taken by the wealthy family of Shigure Sohma. However, not everything in their lives are normal because whenever they are hugged by the opposite gender, they tend to change into the animals of the Zodiac.

The plot may seem weird at first, but if you read it through, it’s really interesting. I myself am not fond of reading really long books, however, this manga really made me finish it despite the really really long chapters.

2. Blue Exorcist/ Ao No Exorcist

Okay so let’s go out of the shouju romance mangas and into mangas with a bit more action. Well, I’m not a big fan of any non romance mangas, but I got really attached to this for some reason even if the manga isn’t complete yet. So, in Ao no Exorcist, or also known as Blue Exorcist its basically about two worlds consisting of two different dimensions. One is the human world called Assiah and the other one is the demon world called Gehanna. So in here, humans are obviously not allowed to enter the demon world, but in the other hand demons can enter the human world just as long as the posses anything that exists there. Knowing that Satan is the most powerful demon, he now summons his son, Rin to get this powerful substance. However, his son might not exactly follow his orders.

3. Soul Eater

Up next is Soul Eater! Although its a bit too long and still the chapters aren’t quite finished yet, this is a manga I highly recommend as well. Despite seeing a bit of blood here and there in the story, they still managed to ass in some comedy. So Soul Eater is basically about technician students, in which their task is to collect 99 evil humans and a witch, in order to create powerful weapons in which the scool can be proud off. Their role is actually similar to grim reapers, but nevertherless, they are good people since they only kill the bad ones.

4. Heart No Kuni No Alice

Taking its story from the classic and fantasy story, Alice and Wonderland, this manga has some twists in it because instead of Alice falling down the hole as she was trying to chase after the rabbit, in this manga she gets kidnapped unwillingly by a weird man with bunny ears! Because of the bunny eared man’s tricks, Alice is now stuck in his fantasy world. She then meets some new friends who helps her along the way.

It’s a really interesting manga since its a Alice in this manga is completely different from the normal story! It’s like seeing Alice in a different perspective. Don’t you think?

5. Zodiac P.I

One of my most favorite mangas and also the first manga I read when I was into mangas was Zodiac P.I! This manga is basically about a normal girl named Lili who can foretell the future. Relying herself on horoscopes and astrology, she is able to solve and track down the crimes happening with her. When trouble is coming her way, she turns into a magical Detective Spica!

Honestly, I have no idea why this was the first manga I ever read my entire life, but because of this manga I got really attached to reading mangas like this. It’s not as long as other mangas too, so its pretty good!

6. Nine Puzzle

Similar to all the mangas up there, this is yet another romance shouju manga. However, this in this story, the girl named Mika goes more tomboy as she gets interested in the game of billiards after seeing a bot with many secrets play billiard as well.

I know I like reading weird fantasy comics, but I just can’t help it! Every shouju manga is just really fun to read!

7. Skip Beat

Last but not the least my other favorite manga! Well not really, but I do love it. You may also know this as the current drama being aired in Taiwan. Skip Beat! is all about Kyouko Mogami who lived for her childhood friend as she follows him into becoming a famous singer. However, as he discovers this dream, Kyouko also realizes that the only reason she is tagging a long was because he was just using her. She then tries to take revenge by competing against him through a show business.

So what are your favorite mangas?

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forgot glass mask. its art is old but the story is great.

Of those seven above I just knew tree HUAHUAHA. Furuba was a important part of my childhood, but is too dramatic to me. Ao no Exorcist I’m reading now (and I remembered that I didn’t read the last chapter yet uahuahuah) and it is AWESOME. Really! If you wanna read a good shounen, you have my word that AoEx is one of the bests at this times. And Skip Beat… well, I knew just the name, but I didn’t have any idea of the plot ahuhauhauha. I will looking forward all of them!!

\\ Terrible english speaker here! ahushuahs )

ZODIAC PI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the greatest manga ever!

gotta be fruit basket and skip beat ! both REALLY worth to read, tho well tbh me myself think at first they’re boring and not so good, but you’ll get absorbed later a lil by lil ! <3

i love that!

i love soul eater

Definitely One Piece! :D

Suzyy - 02/24/12 4:53 pm

I’ve only read Fruits Basket from that list xD
Well, I read Skip Beat up until I got too lazy to keep up with it, haha. I’ll probably pick it back up when it’s completed~
One Piece should definitely be up there!

I haven’t read any of them !I may check them out

love almost all of them, my fav is Skip Beat! Should be number 1! <3

I’ve pretty much read all of those mangas up there, hehe. I could probably think of some good ones too, though smile

Totally agree!! best manga out!! 

Skip Beat used to be my favorite but latest 30 chapters or so have been really boring…

Blue Exorcist seems interesting. I’ve read Fruits Basket, Soul Eater, and Skip Beat. Okay 4 more to go

..I haven’t read any manga from that list. XD

I’ve only read Fruits Basket from that list xD
Well, I read Skip Beat up until I got too lazy to keep up with it, haha. I’ll probably pick it back up when it’s completed~
One Piece should definitely be up there! 

I have read two of these...I have heard of the others but haven’t checked them out.  There are others I have read that are pretty good too.

Bahaha, I’ve read all of these except for Nine Puzzle. Maybe I should check it out then. Though I believe Fairy Tail and One Piece should be included along with a few others. 

I haven’t read any of these.

Hmmm I Soul Eater and Fruits Basket are good… I love Fairy Tail though

LOL i actually never read any of these except for fruit baskets! XD

I liked Skip Beat, Fruits Basket and Seoul Eater very much =)
And Nine Puzzle sounds really interesting, but I think two other Manga definitely have to be on the list as well: Sailor Moon & Dragon Ball ^^

One Piece is a must ^^ I would also recommend Pandora Hearts and Tegami Bachi; they have some of both the most beautiful art and intricate story lines I’ve seen, even if they’re not complete yet.  Black Cat was also a fun read.

I only heard a few of these before. I really want to read or watch Fruits Baskets though! :D