Over the drama history in general Japan has produced numerous detective shows that are really enjoyable. They really have a feel for mystery and solving crimes. I am a big fan of investigation dramas. The characters don’t have to be exactly detectives in the drama, but be solving mysteries and crimes despite that. Detectives or as Japanese say ‘meitantei’ are really cool in general because they have to solve such huge puzzles and the dramas I listed below are good if you want to guess what’s going on yourself! Have fun, I hope you decide to watch some of these ^^

Detective Conan 2011

This is a very small drama with lots of interesting plots. I like that all the investigations were done in a blink of an eye and were’s stretched for too long. The main guy Mizobata Junpei was quite entertaining with his good looks and looked great in the uniform. This drama is considered third special for Detective Conan movies with Oguri Shun.

Fugoh Keiji

A millionaire’s granddaughter decides to pursue justice and becomes a detective. Her team members find it hard to accept a rich girl as their member. The grandpa is all too happy to know that his granddaughter is helping people and gives as much money as he can for support (since supposedly he obtained it with dirty means and want to use it in a good way now). The whole drama is really fun to watch, because the mind of this rich princess is so interesting. She comes up with ways to solve the crime which other detectives can never think of because it usually involves spending large amounts of money.

Himitsu Chouhouin Erika

This is the most recent drama I have watched and I loved it! Since it’s still fresh in my mind I can tell you that the main actress was amazing! She was perfect for displaying a boring housewife character as well as fierce sexy spy. She strives to have a normal life, and the husband knows nothing about her previous job, so when she gets called back to help some clients in need she is hesitant. Erika gets so into her job that she can’t help but investigate all of her client requests and help them out. Watch it! You won’t regret it. Not to mention her helper (Ide Takuya) was really cute as well!

Hidarime Tantei EYE

I always liked drama with a touch of unnatural. The main character, played by Yamada Ryousuke from Hey!Say!JUMP!, had a weak left eye since birth. His brother dies and thus he gets an eye transplant, but he keeps seeing weird images whenever he undergoes shock. The images always aid him in investigations and with those clues he also hopes to find out more about his brothers mysterious death. The brother is played by Yokoyama Yu. The whole story line is filled with suspense and secrets; really enjoyable. There’s two season’s to it. : )


This drama is pretty old. It was made back in 2001, but Takuya Kimura is was really fun to watch so I can’t help but recommend it. The cases he solved were really cool; I had hard time coming up with the answers even through I am usually really good at solving mysteries. FYI, he plays a prosecutor not a detective but solves crimes nevertheless, making the other detectives mad. The main girl character was a bit unpleasant with her looks and attitude, but I grew to accept her throughout the drama. I hope you like this one.

LADY ~ Saigou no hanzai Profile

After watching this drama I feel like profiling is one of the most fun things during an investigation. Firstly, I have to say that I love Kitagawa Keiko, since she is my favorite Japanese actress (she is also in Paradise Kiss movie! it’s really good <3) and that’s the reason I decided to this and I was not disappointed. The actors were perfectly chosen, along with my bias Kaname Jun, and cooperated with each other really well. I felt excited every time they were working as a team to catch criminals. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Mr Brain

Another Takuya Kimura drama, but I have to say this one is a tad bit more exciting to watch than Hero, and it’s way newer. This guy basically was a host until he got into an accident were a building part collapsed and he basically kind of got crushed under it. He survived, God knows how, and now he uses other parts of his brain that normal people usually don’t. He becomes a neuroscientist and faces off with really twisted and crazy criminal minds. Well, obviously he wins but it is really interesting to watch. It’s kind of weird that from being a stylish host he turns into an old styled scientist, but weird things do happen. The criminals in the drama are also very unique and exceptional. The craziest criminal they get is played by Gackt and it’s phenomenal. This drama is a must watch for people who like detective dramas like me!

Meitantei no Okite

This drama is far from normal. In fact it’s not even real. The main characters are totally aware they are in a drama and they have a special room where they converse with each other about the crimes. The main detective, played by one of my favorite actors Matsuda Shota (he’s also in LIAR GAME) and he is really self centered and humorous. It’s fun drama to watch if you are sick of seriousness, but the main girl is one of my least favorite actresses so it was a bit uncomfortable to watch. If you like Matsuda Shota than you should watch is to see his silly side, very different from all of his cool, sexy roles.

Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De

Kitagawa Keiko was in it, it included butlers, and there was crime investigations involved. After adding up all of these point I just HAD TO watch it. The drama is about a rich heiress who becomes a detective without her real identity being revealed. She isn’t very good at it but has her butler help her solve the crimes. Guess who plays the butler? No other than Arashi’s Sakurai Sho. It’s really funny to watch the butler call his lady an idiot in every episode for not being able to solve the crimes. It’s really full of weird people, like the main detective who is rich as well, but is a total show off. He never understands the situation of the crime and keeps pointing out the obvious, although luckily he always manages to accidentally get information from the witnesses that turn out to be vital for solving the cases.


This is a teacher-student relationship drama, but not the typical type you are thinking off. The main character is an English teacher who knows less than English than her students. She keeps taking their money and treating them harshly. She also talks very rudely in front of the students but pretends to be nice and innocent with everyone else. The only reason her bad habits are overlooked is along with couple of students she solves bunch of puzzles (or to say crimes). One of the main student roles is played by Yamamoto Yusuke (recently played in Ouran High School Host Club as the main role), who is once again another person who made my favorite Japanese actors list.

Tokyo DOGS

This was one intense drama. I loved it completely!!!!!! Every single second of it. There’s not just ONE main investigator, but two hot Japanese actors Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun. Their characters are totally opposites of each other but they manage to complete their job together somehow. The drama has lot of awesome guests, one of them was Narimiya Hiroki (we share birthday on Sep. 14). Even through his visit was short lived, it was great nonetheless. Everything was professionally done and I felt like the drama was really up to date to today, even through it was filmed in 2009. Just watch it, you won’t regret it!

Enjoy these Doramas!!

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siounds good, gonna watch them now

i love all of them!!

So happy when I saw this list!!!
I wasn’t sure which ones were good so now I know what to watch. I’m gonna start off with Puzzle cz I love Yamamoto Yusuke MUHAHA! Then probably Mr. Brain because I wanted to watch that a long time ago. smile

OMG. All my favorite actors are in the dramas you named. Yamamoto Yusuke, Matsuda Shota, and of course Oguri Shun <3 Makes me want to watch them just for them!

Sounds like cool dramas

Love this list!  I’ve seen most of them on here and I totally agree!  Meitantei no Okite is so funny, love Shota in it!!!
I really need to watch Left Eye Detective.

I didn’t know Conan was live action as well! :O

i seen some of it and is good and some r funny

I am going to watch some of them. Don’t konw when, but I hope I will end up watching a few. If this article came out yesterday, I would have been able to finish one drama… Well too late now. Back to work!

Lolz....haven’t watched these before...gonna check them out!!

I haven’t watch a japanese drama before.. But, these sounds good. I should watch it. Lol.

I’ve never watch any of these but they sound good

I haven’t seen any of these! I don’t like detective dramas

they are realli good dramas !! =D i m a big detective drama person .. and japan produce realli good dramas!! .. 

ooooh i gotta check some of these out! :D

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