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This March, to ride the successful run of the Liar Game series, the second movie will be getting a spin-off drama, titled “Alice in Liar Game.” More »

As announced here, Ohno Satoshi will play the protagonist who works in a security firm and is obsessed with keys and locks.His character is called Enomoto Kei, and will solve mystery cases behind locked doors. Toda Erika will star along with Ohno Satoshi in upcoming drama “Kagi no Kakatta Heya“. This will be the first time the 2 starred in a drama together. More »

Kanjani8’s Nishikido Ryo will star in upcoming TBS drama ‘Papa wa Idol!‘. His new role will be himself, an idol that belongs to Johnny’s Entertainment. More »

An interesting event has come across. Warner Brothers aquired the rights to the live-action version of Tite Kubo’s anime/manga Bleach. More »

From Reelwire: I’ve recently had the pleasure of viewing the Japanese singer GACKT’s Hollywood debut film Bunraku (directed by Guy Moshe) recently—he is the main reason I became interested in it—but I found myself quite drawn into the story and visual composition of this movie. I also didn’t expect to become invested in any other character besides GACKT’s character or the story itself. More »

Visual kei group v[NEU]’s song “Restless Love” will feature as the main theme for XGame2, an upcoming movie with AKB48 member Oota Aika. More »

It’s been recently announced that the Ring series is getting another movie to add to its extensive story arc, “Sadako 3D“, and Kadokawa Pictures released the first 40-second teaser featuring the return of all-around-creepy child-killer, Sadako. More »

Japanese dramas are very much into romantic moments. I’m not talking about passion as much but the chemistry that goes on in between the main roles is always really sweet. Since Valentine’s Day is in all of our minds some cute J-Drama Moments will brighten you day. More »

D☆DATE reveals a 7 minute movie preview of their short film, “JOKER“. The short film will be seen in the limited edition version of their soon to be released single “JOKER”, which comes out on Feb 22! More »

The Japanese horror phenomenon, “The Ring,” began in 1998, and has been extremely popular with a total of 4 movies. Now, the child-murderer Sadako who comes from the well is getting her own movie—“Sadako 3D”!!! More »