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S/mileage handled by the company, Hello! Project announced in the official website that they will be releasing their DVD compilation of their music videos. More »

Recently, Ketsumeishi revealed a short version of their new PV “Ballad” for their upcoming single and now, they have released a full version of the PV! The single will be released on the 26th of January. It will be a double A-side single named “Ballad/Kimi to Tsukuru Mirai.“ Check it out here! More »

With the upcoming release of her first solo single on January 26th, AKB48 member Tomomi Itano has finally made an official website. More »

After standing with the popular (and enormous) Japanese girl group AKB48 for a while, Itano Tomomi seems to be doing pretty well on her own with her first solo single, “Dear J.” You’ve already heard the song and seen a preview of its PV. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your “Dear J” cravings, the full PV has recently been released, so take some time to take a look at Itano’s flaming promotional video! More »

Arashi has recently announced that they will be releasing their first 2011 single, titled “Lotus” on February 23rd. The song will be the theme song for upcoming drama “Bartender” in which member Aiba Masaki stars in. The drama will start airing on the 4th of February. More »

Idol group AKB48 previously revealed the full tracklists for their upcoming single,”Sakura no Ki ni Narou“ which is scheduled to be released on February 16th. Just now, they revealed the cover jackets for each edition. The cover jackets were designed by famous graphic designer Morimoto Chie, who is also known for designing the poster of NHK Taiga drama, “Go~Hime tachi no Sengoku~.” More »

S/mileage recently revealed the covers and tracklist for their new single, “Short Cut” through their official website. More »

It was reported last month that NEWS member, Yamashita Tomohisa will be releasing his upcoming single, “Hadakanbo” on January 19th but before that, a PV has just been released. Check it out! More »

J-Pop singer, Hitomi Shimatani is now preparing for her latest single, “Kantan ni Ietanara“ which is set to be released on February 16th. The ballad is basically about dealing with adult love. Check out the PV below!: More »

HERO is set to release a brand new album on January 12th. It’s will be released in two different types, limited edition will contain 10 tracks and a PV, regular edition will contain 10 tracks only. The group also has new look, and you can check out their new profiles here. There is also a preview that was released, and I am totally digging the song and weird blue light. Check it out below! More »