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From Ningin: House M.D. is one of my favorite shows ever. Well, it looks like the show has quite a few Japanese fans as well, because the fourth season of House is coming to Japanese DVD on August 4th! To commemorate the event, the House team will be shooting a special Japanese commercial, featuring none other then the famous anime doctor Black Jack. More »

Popular girl group AKB48 recently announced that they would be starring in a new NTV television show called “AKB600sec.” If you couldn’t tell from the name, each episode will run for a mere ten minutes. Each episode will focus on a different member and in the short time allotted, viewers will be able to follow the idol around as she goes through her schedule—from performing onstage to practicing in the studio, and even shopping. More »

More details have been released about Shunsuke Daito’s accident. Around 10:30pm on June 18, Daito was riding his moped and at an intersection, he rode straight through, but a car coming from the opposite direction made a right turn, and the two collided. Police from a nearby police box called for an ambulance, and Daito was quickly taken to a hospital where he received surgery. Police are currently investigating the accident further. More »

Shunsuke Daito, one of my favorite actors and one of the stars of Tumbling, was involved in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle collided with a car; he was not at fault. He was rushed to the hospital to have immediate surgery on his thighbone. He is said to be in recovery for at least two weeks. More »

From Ningin: Today’s video of the day courtesy of mizakiwa features a Japanese couple wearing fat suits doing the Lotte Fit dance. To promote the Lotte Fit gum, a Youtube dance contest was held and this video was this couple’s entry. Hilarious stuff! More »

Kaibutsu-kun gets one step closer to getting a movie. The official website Kaibutsu-kun has announced on Saturday that an all-new television special has been green-lit. The final episode of the television series has already aired, but the 90-minute “Mō Kaette Kita yo!! Kaibutsu-kun Subete Shinsaku SP” program will air on June 26. More »

Hilcrhyme’s “Loose Leaf” is currently the theme song of the drama “Yankee-kun to Megane-chan.” The song itself is amazing although I don’t know what they are saying, I have a feeling it’s something deep. The music video is really colorful and fun. It connects all different people with art. It also connects with the drama as well. Check it out below! More »

Eita (27) and Kimura Kaela (25) are going to get married. The two met in 2006 during the filming of the movie Kiraware Matsuko no Issho. They later reunited in August of 2009 and since September of 2009, rumors of their relationship have been publicized. As of this moment, Kimura Kaela is currently 3 months pregnant and is expected to give birth in 5 months. This news was reported on June 1 by Nikkan Sports and both agencies have commented that an official announcement will be made soon. More »

Riisa Naka, who was recently just featured as the Actress of the Week, has landed her first starring role as a teacher in “Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo,” which starts July 15. The drama is based on a popular comic essay series. The original books are a collection of stories about a Japanese teacher, and they deal with aspects of the language that even native speakers get wrong. More »

Finally! They have Kaibutsu-kun episodes 3 and 4 have been released. First, I am sad to say that I will no longer be doing recaps of Sunao ni Narenakute and Tsuki no Koibito. Tsuki no Koibito didn’t really meet my expectations and was not very good in my opinion. Sunao ni Narenakute is really good, but so many things happen in one episode that my brain is having a hard time keeping track!! I will definitely be buying its soundtrack!! I hope you will all check out these dramas. More »