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Representing Japan in the popular girl with a guitar category, folk-rocker and bokukko Saori Atsumi penned my favorite J-Pop love song, Mou Sukoshi (”A Little More”). A delicate, sweet but strangely haunting melody, the lyrics tread that delicate balance between teenaged crush and deepening adult relationship. More »

We don’t often look to anime to warm the cockles of our hearts, and so in compiling this, my list of the top four official anime couples, I had to rule out anything involving large age gaps, harems, animals, sadomasochism and tentacles. Yes, official couples: shippers despair. But your hour may yet come.

And so, without further ado, it’s time to ask that all-important question: Just what the heck arecockles?” More »

This isn’t the place to discuss being a foreigner in Japan: a quick search will turn up a million blogs (possibly even my own) started up by foreign exchange students, drifters and playboys who discovered to their amazement that (gasp!) the experience is pretty strange. I’m more interested in how Japanese view foreigners, and–supporting my thesis that it is a great way to learn about Japan–anime provides some striking examples. More »

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